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High-Efficiency Tankless Water Heater Installation in Littleton, CO

Blue Spruce Heating & Cooling is a trusted HVAC company with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial projects, including tankless water heater installation services.

Hot water is one of the basic commodities any home or commercial building needs. When you call our heating service company asking for the best solution for your building, our recommendation is tankless water heater installation. This is the latest trend for supplying all types of buildings with hot water on demand.

Moreover, tankless water heater installation requires less space and even qualifies you for a 10% tax credit. Also, you can choose between a gas-powered and electric tankless water heater, depending on the average cost for each type of utility in your area.

The Most Important Benefits of Choosing Tankless Water Heater Installation

You may have second thoughts when you realize that the total tankless water heater installation cost is higher compared to traditional water heaters. Since this type of water heater is more complex and uses modern technologies, the initial purchase price is indeed high.

However, you will offset this cost in time. Just look at some of the most important benefits of tankless water heater installation:

  • You get instant hot water – thus your water bills will be lower as you won’t have to wait with the water running to reach the desired temperature
  • Longer lifespan – around 20 years, compared to 10 years for a transitional water heater
  • Increased efficiency – up to 22%
  • Installation takes little space and is ideal for smaller homes

Last but not least, after tankless water heater installation, you won’t have to worry about frequent and expensive maintenance and repair works. These modern water heaters require minimal preventive maintenance (once per year) and do not malfunction easily if they are used according to the producer’s instructions.

Choose Professional Tankless Water Heater Installation

Blue Spruce Heating & Cooling has over 25 years of experience in tankless water heater installation and other HVAC works for residential and commercial clients. We are a top-rated and fully licensed company, always ready to help you with any type of AC and heating job.

We are located in Littleton, CO, but we also accept tankless water heater installation projects in and around:

  • Centennial, CO 
  • Highlands Ranch, CO 
  • Denver, CO 
  • Englewood, CO 
  • Lone Tree, CO 
  • Castle Rock, CO 
  • Parker, CO 

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